What We Do...

We undertake complete Management of ships. Offering a wide range of quality services such as Crew Management, Ship Repairing, Ship Chartering, Offshore Services, Marine Consultancy

Crew Management

You may trust us to relieve you of all the training, certification and administration which is required to man a modern fleet of vessels.

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Ship Repair

We providing a complete package of professional ship repair, ship building and marine engineering.

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Ship Charter

Our charter services range from ship sourcing and contract negotiation to custom itinerary planning all the way through to on-site program delivery.

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Offshore Services

GKMSPL providing a range of highly specialised offshore services to the marine, offshore drilling and engineering community.

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Marine Consultancy

Having independent, expert marine knowledge on-site enables the delivery of practical, cost effective solutions to meet the client’s individual needs.

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What We Are...

GKMSPL is taking on the challenges of this new era. We react rapidly and obligingly to customer requests; problems are solved flexibly and with an eye toward price. Our work is performed with state-of-the-art equipment and motivated staff, experienced officers and well-trained crews.